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Regulatory Reporting, Markets Operations

员工状态: 全职



  • This position is under CCCL Markets operations team which focus on regulatory reporting preparation and submission.

  • 本岗位隶属于花旗银行本地金融市场营运部,负责监管报表制作与提交

  • Ensure regulatory reporting is processed timely and accurately

  • 确保报表报送的时效性与报表内容的准确性

  • Ensure all required controls are followed when performing report processing.

  • 按照内控流程执行报表的生成

  • Perform testing for system enhancement or resolutions to ensure that updates/changes will not disrupt the reporting process once implemented

  • 负责系统升级测试以确保报表顺利生成

  • Represent the unit in various system testing and new system implementation/ enhancement projects

  • 负责部门内新系统上限或改进项目的对接工作

  • Ensure that agreed control processes and procedure are implemented to identify and mitigate risks in regulatory reporting.

  • 确保严格按照既有的内控流程和环节对照检查报表以减少风险

  • Responsible for improving productivity and process efficiency

  • 负责部门内部流程及效率优化

  • Provide timely and accurate responses to regulatory survey, self-assessment, review, on-site inspection, etc.,  when necessary

  • 及时和准确地回应监管问卷调查、自查和现场检查等

  • Work closely with Risk, Finance, Compliance, etc for making the reporting scope clear.

  • 与风险、财务、合规等部门紧密合作以确保报表解读清晰准确




  • University Degree, Understanding of Treasury Products and Risk & accounting with over 2+ years working experience in Regulatory reporting area

  • 本科学历, 2年以上报表经验,对金融产品、风控及财务知识有一定的了解

  • Ability to work in a high volume, time-sensitive, high-risk, demanding environment

  • 能够在高强度,快节奏的环境中工作

  • Must be ready to work in shift duty, weekends and during holidays and ready to work Overtime.

  • 可以接受轮班及在周末和节假日加班

  • Possess good analytical skill, meticulous, positive attitude and good learning ability with great attention to details and multi-tasking

  • 有良好的分析能力,仔细细心;具有多任务处理能力及较强的学习能力

  • Good interpersonal, communication & presentation skill

  • 有良好的沟通及表达能力

  • Proficient in MS software

  • 熟练使用办公处理软件

  • Proficient in VBA, Excel Macros will be an added advantage

  • 擅长运用Excel VBA及宏设计表格优先

  • Experience in EAST reporting is preferred.

  • 有EAST项目报表经验者优先

Transaction Processing